The Scoop with Emma Adams

Photo: Julie Wilson

A new chapter awaits young show rider, Emma Adams and her charismatic Warmblood mare, EBL Juliett. This talented duo have taken all before them in the show ring, and they are now preparing to embark on a dressage career, where we have no doubt they will be just as successful. Join us as we follow Emma’s journey so far...

Age? 24

Lives? Robertson, NSW

Occupation? Full time rider

Family history with horses?
My mum was the influence with horses, having been an eventing rider in England before moving to Australia and competing at the odd dressage event. Her family was non-horsey and she’d always loved horses since she was a child. Dad was completely non-horsey and now is a big help at shows and around home.When did you start riding?  I started riding when I was around 3 years old. Mum had a Shetland that she would lead me around on. It wasn’t until I was around 10 that I started wanting to ride seriously.

Tell us about your first pony?
My first pony was a Shetland called Sasha.Did you compete in other disciplines prior to showing? I rode at Darks Forrest, trail riding for a few years before getting my first pony. Then onto Pony Club, doing mounted games, dressage, eventing and showjumping.

Why showing?
It was always showing for me since I was a child watching an open pony class at Sydney Royal, just watching them and thinking I wanted that to be me.You have had a dream run with the amazing EBL Juliett.

Tell us about your partnership and how you managed to control her exuberance?
We bought Juliett as a foal, so I always knew she was going to be tricky to begin with, she’s always had that amazing presence. I bought her off my twin sister, Sarah as a four year old. Our journey to begin with wasn’t easy, with Jules being a spooky baby standing at 16.2hh, and myself, having not really ridden many horses of her size. For the first year I rode her it was very much on her terms, she was so sensitive and took everything very personally. I started having lessons with Sue Hearn and we haven’t looked back since! Sue was a massive help with her training, with us both, getting Juliett’s massive movement under control, and getting her mind listening to me. As a six year old she really matured and for the last two years she hasn’t let me down in the ring. The big environments never really bothered her, she’s not noise sensitive, it’s mainly convincing her that a chair or an arena decoration isn’t going to eat her. She is the most amazing ride and tries her hardest to please me.

Photo: Lisa Gordon

After your recent National win with Juliett, you announced her retirement from showing to embark on a dressage career. What brought about this decision and what would you like to achieve in the dressage arena?
I bought her in mind of always being a dressage horse, she’s got so much talent and now she’s settled down within herself I thought it was time to make the change. Juliett has been in dressage training at home throughout her showing career with the idea she was going to start dressage in the future.She really can’t win anything more as a show horse so it was either start dressage or sell her. I’d love to get to Grand Prix on her, but before that, successfully going through the levels and getting into some serious training.

You spent time in America, tell us about this experience?
I trained with the renowned Arabian horseman, Ted Carson, in North Carolina. Riding in America was very different to the way I was used to in Australia, riding in a hunter class over there wasn’t what I expected. The American shows are huge and I recommend if anyone ever gets the chance to definitely go. Spending 3 months there was fantastic and I learnt a lot and I still use some little training methods of their’s in my riding today. I’m very grateful for the experience.

Who has been the biggest influence in your riding career?
My mum and my coach, Sue. I also have had the opportunity to be involved with these fantastic people: Mark Tarrent, Les Friend, Garry Mathews, Michael Christie, Kate and Doyle Dertell, who either helped at a show, gave a lesson or some helpful advice.

Your coach’s best advice?
Never give up, if it isn’t working try another approach!

How many horses do you have in work?
In a normal day I work around 8 horses.

Do you have any up and coming youngsters that you are particularly excited about?
I’m very lucky to ride some amazing horses, my favourite young horses that I’m competing on at the moment are Andrew Buckley’s EBL Sorrento (Large Hunter Hack) and Helen Archibald’s Monument Park Superstar (Small Open Galloway). Also, a young Royalwood Boy Soprano gelding which has yet to start his show career,  bred by Allan Dillingham and owned by myself and Emma Bakla.What do you look for in a potential superstar? For me they have to have that look at me presence, a nice head and a beautiful front with flash movement, and a body you can put a saddle on.

Describe a typical day for you?
Get up at 6am, feed and work one of the horses, which is stabled at home, then head off to work the rest of the horses, at a friend’s property (usually 3-6 horses there), just depending on the day. I then head back home around 3pm and work another horse, feed up and go inside for a rest!Your foolproof training exercise? Teaching good basics and ground work.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Watching movies and eating something unhealthy.

The key to your success?
Hard work, as well as being surrounded by my amazing family and friends.

Plans for the future?
With the horses; to continue showing and starting into dressage.Personally; I hope to go to university in the future and start a new career.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I love seeing my friends and either shopping, going to the movies or a night out on the town!

Quick Questions
Prefer to call or text? Text
Can’t live without? Chocolate and ‘V’
Name 2 people you would like to have dinner with? Marilyn Monroe: Just to be near someone so iconic and beautiful, plus knowing her story would be amazing! Edward Gal: I’ve admired his riding for many years, picking his brain would be fantastic.
Pets? Italian Greyhound called Blush
Handiest item in your tack room? Sarah, Mum and Dad
Other hobbies or sports? Skiing and dancing

Movie? Pretty Woman
Food? Pizza
Colour? Blue
Holiday destination? America

Champions Choice Browbands, Gallery Equine/Showstoppers, Peter Williams and ePro.