A Horse's Tale - Sheady Showtime

Photo: Allira Fontana Photography

AGE: 4
HEIGHT: 15.2hh
Dam: Jays Slick Chick.
Sire: Bryjen Fort Talon
1.    Supreme Champion Hack – ASH National Show 2014
2.    Supreme Led ASH – Brisbane Royal 2014
3.    Supreme Champion Hack – ASH National Youth Show 2014
4.    3rd National Futurity Series 26 - ASH National Show 2014: Winner of Futurity Plate, Highest Placed Qld Competitor, Highest Placed Youth, Highest Placed Lady Rider, Highest Placed Ashla Member
5.    Malcolm Field Memorial Trophy - Australian Stock Horse National Youth Show Overall High Point Youth 2014

How did your partnership with Sheady Showtime begin? We purchased Sheady Showtime (Sally) as a yearling from breeders, Bryan and Kayleen Sutton at the 2012, Toowoomba Landmark Sale. Having previously met the couple at Toowoomba Royal earlier that year, Kayleen told us of the stunning black filly.

What had she done prior to arriving at your stable? Sally attended a couple of shows as a yearling, in led classes, and right from the beginning her massive presence oozed with potential.

What was your first ride on her like? Sally was sent to be broken in by Michael Wilson. Buying any unbroken yearling is a big risk, not knowing how they will perform under saddle. My first few rides on Sally eased Mum and Dad’s worry. She was such a delight and from the very beginning her responsive and eager to learn attitude pleased us. We soon learnt it was her love for people and attention that motivated her to perform with such enthusiasm.

Has it all been smooth sailing for Sheady Showtime? Not at all. October of 2012, just a few months after being broken in, Sally was bitten by a King Brown snake. We owe her life to our local vets at the Goondiwindi and District Veterinary Clinic. It was here that Sally spent 3 weeks battling for her life, and for part of this time was given a 5% chance of living, it was a miracle that she pulled through.

What was her first competition with you? Although 2013 was meant to be the start for Sally, it proved to be more of a rest and recovery year following the snake bite, however we managed to squeeze a few shows in here and there for the experience. Even then, she proved herself, both on and off the arena, bringing home broad ribbons from every Ag show as well as Toowoomba Royal. During 2013, Sally was exposed to plenty of easy cattle work as part of her recovery. It was here that Dad realised that her vet bills were worth it, as she worked hard to earn her keep on our property.

What is her most annoying habit or quirk? Her need to be in everyone else’s business and her wish to be human often gets Sally in trouble, on many occasions we have found her rearranging things in Dad’s shed. Sally is a very affectionate horse and if we were to open our front door to her she would definitely walk up the step and make herself at home. She tries to eat just about anything, with a personal favourite being the pineapples and yellow bears in an Allens Party Mix.

What is her preferred work environment? Sally is happy to work in any condition and loves to show herself off in the main arena. However I think what she likes most is the relaxed home environment, poking along behind a mob of cattle or going for bareback swims in the dam.

What is her work ethic like? From a young horse, Sally’s work ethic has been incredible. She’s a very hard working mare and would do absolutely anything to please you. Her athleticism keeps me on my toes as we push each other to improve each ride. I love a challenge and Sally loves the reward so she is always happy to learn.

What profession would she be if she was a person? She would definitely be a princess, or Kimmy K.

What is her strongest personality trait? She has lots of spirit which is what you need in a show horse to give them that extra edge and you can definitely feel her lift her game when she is on show out in the ring. She is very trusting as well. Anywhere I am happy to go she will obligingly come along.

What is the first thing on the shopping list for her? Definitely carrots. The poddy calf, the dog, the wallaby and Sally all line up in the evening for their carrots. As previously mentioned she is also quite partial to Allens lollies.

Does she prefer a stable, yard or paddock? Sally loves the freedom of her big paddock where she spends most of her days. However it is the attention that draws her love to the show season where she spends her nights in big stables.

What has been your best win with her to date? 2014 was an absolutely amazing year with Sally, I couldn’t have hoped for anything more. And my best win would have to be Supreme Champion Hack at the 2014 Australian Stock Horse National Show. I had aimed to get a call in, in the class, but never dreamt to go that far with the three year old. It was cold and quite late at night, a time where I am sure she would have loved to be tucked up in her stable, but she worked perfectly for me.

Who is her stablemate? Kambo Ripper who has had a successful two years in the show ring constantly bringing home broad ribbons.

When was the last time she made you laugh? Just the other day when she decided to take herself for a swim in her paddock dam. It was a hot day and it seemed she wasn’t receiving as much attention as she would have liked, so she sought it herself and came out covered in reeds and mud.

When was the last time someone offered to buy her? Many people have enquired and quite often said, “If she’s not in her stable in the morning, she’ll be on my truck heading for home.”

How does she handle the big occasions? It’s just another day in the office for Sally. Be it an Ag show, a Royal or the Nationals she takes it all in her stride, putting up with my nerves, she is always on the job. She loves to please.

How much down time does she have in a year? February to August is generally pretty busy with shows, however, depending on how the season is looking at home it’s quite possible to be all done and dusted for the year around May. Most years she would have around 5 months spell from the shows and just earn her keep around the property with cattle work.

What would you trade her for? I wouldn’t trade her for all the world, however, unfortunately Dad is in charge of the finances!

What are your plans for Sheady Showtime’s future? We have recently done an embryo transfer from Sally, so we hope the future will hold success in breeding, as well as many more memories gained in the show ring.

Top 5 Things we don’t know about Sheady Showtime?
1. She loves to jump
2. She’s fascinated by sheep and chooks, anything fluffy
3. She loves doing flying changes, she thought she was pretty good once she worked out how to do them
4. She’s not a morning person
5. She keeps her stable very tidy, all manure neatly in one corner

Photo: Allira Fontana Photography

Read the remarkable full story of Sally’s snake bite, from diagnosis to recovery in the February 2015 issue.